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Nudge, Ecto, Unison

A trio of Panther goodies for you:

First, Nudge is a Contextual Menu that lets you give the Finder a kick up the arse when you suspect it’s displaying out of date information. Handy.

Next, Ecto, the application formerly known as Kung-Log, has reached version 1.0. It’s a desktop weblogging client with some neat features, including full previewing of draft posts, integration with Address Book for managing notification lists and support for everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to remotely controlling a Movable Type installation. As I type this post in Ecto, I don’t think it’s worth a tenner, but by the end of the two-week trial I suspect I’ll be relying on it.

Finally, there’s Unison, a slick Usenet reader from Panic, the makers of Transmit, the fabulous FTP client. With four browsing options (one each for viewing messages, files, images and music), streaming MP3 previews and a lightening quick search it makes wading through the vast Usenet archives a doddle.

One does wonder where developers get the names for their products - ecto is Glasgwegian slang for those little pills so popular in the discoteques, and it’s hard not to think of the public service union when double-clicking on Unison.

Posted at 2pm on 02/02/04 by Jack Mottram to the mac category.
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