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iTunes Registry

Anything that generates cool graphs is alright by me, and the iTunes Registry has them in spades. The site lets you upload your iTunes library file, then generates stats on your listening habits. It even outputs a human-readable description of your tastes. Mine didn’t work too well because I don’t use the rating feature in iTunes , and I suspect my habit of assigning multiple genres to each song and using Smart Playlists to list each genre is foxing the site a bit, but it’s still a vaguely accurate summary of recent listening:

You don’t have enough song ratings to be very good at this, but I’ll try. I can’t determine your favorite genre, but your favorite artist is Whitehouse which is weird since you’ve spent more time listening to Johnny Cash yet you have more Prince than anything else.

In a similar vein, but broken at the moment, is Audioscrobbler, a service that tracks your listening habits via a plugin for your MP3 player.

Posted at 9am on 23/12/03 by Jack Mottram to the music category.
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  1. I was sent here by memigo…

    I think I’ll check out this iTunes Registry thing that you’ve mentioned.

    best regards,

    Posted by Steven Farmer at 5am on 27.12.03

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