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This weblog seems to be swinging wildly from the silly to the serious, so to redress the balance in favour of the former, here’s a follow-up to the matters casual discussed previously.

First, a wonderful custom automobile:

A car, in Burberry check

Next, a moving tale, source unknown, of one man’s slide into bamdom. Listen as his fruity RP accent slips toward nasal Glaswegian, just as his predeliction for the Burberry check escalates.

My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Gerard Sampaio for providing both files via email.

Posted at 4pm on 15/12/03 by Jack Mottram to the art and culture category.
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  1. i love that moment where he’s just sliding into the whine…

    Posted by Donna at 3pm on 17.12.03

  2. sorry to say but i dont think that the colour burberry goes on a car, but it is pritty cool tho!!!!

    Posted by kat at 6pm on 26.03.04

  3. cant get it over my shoulders no matter how much i try.barnsley are the boys to be with!

    Posted by lee hooligan at 9am on 08.05.04

  4. this is an awesome car!!!!!!!! i want ity soooooooooo bad

    Posted by beck at 12am on 05.01.05

  5. oh my god!!!!! thats disgusting!!!!! the worst chav car in the history of the world!!!! i feel violently sick!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by i hate chavs at 11pm on 23.05.05

  6. OMD hu eva fort of dat is a genious…it looks wikid

    Posted by burberry gal 4lyf at 10pm on 12.01.06

  7. oh my god i love this car!! that will so be my frist car!!

    Posted by anais at 5pm on 01.02.06

  8. hello i think this car is rubbish becouse look at the make of it!!!

    Posted by Andrew at 2pm on 05.06.06

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