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Drift Table

Look at this:

A low coffee-table on wheels, with a viewing window set into the top

It’s the Drift Table, a product of the Interaction Design Research Studio at the RCA, and no ordinary coffee table:

The Drift Table is a coffee table with a small viewport showing a slowly changing aerial view of the British landscape. Shifting items on the table changes its apparent height, direction and speed. The current ‘location’ of the table is shown on a small screen on the table’s side, and an electronic compass aligns the photography with its actual surroundings. Almost a terabyte of aerial photography of England and Wales, donated by, is available for viewing.

Cool. And in the best news I’ve had for ages, I’m getting to borrow the thing for a month. My friend Barry Brown is organising a project centred around tracking people’s responses to living with the table. I’m not sure of the exact details yet, but the plan involves lending the table to people drawn from different disciplines - visual art, music, technology, etc. - and having them submit a response making use of their particular skills.

Should be fun.

Posted at 12pm on 10/12/03 by Jack Mottram to the technology category.
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  1. Linkage: D10

    danwei is about media and advertising in China, brilliant. Loads of interesting things in the marketing and advertising category. Love…

    Posted by Abstract Dynamics at 4pm on 10.12.03

  2. you stuffy bugger - were you thinking of staying with your mommy and daddy for a month - that way barry could find out how chocolate mini roll makers reacted to the table.
    ps brenda - her majesty the queen - is an investor in getmapping

    Posted by bobby at 12pm on 11.12.03

  3. Heard about the table through BBC wouldn’t mind having one. The inventors deserve an international award.

    Posted by shamini at 12am on 22.12.04

  4. I agree Shamini - if only they could get it to work properly!

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 10am on 22.12.04

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