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Another Iraqi Weblog

Posted with the same caveat as This Modern World gave. (It’s the internet, ergo, it could be written by some guy in Topeka, Kansas, and not by a woman in Baghdad, though it’s pretty detailed and seems realistic.) One of the most worrying things about the current catastrophic state of Iraq is the rise in Islamic fundamentalism, currently coordinated by The Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq:

The Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI- but I prefer ‘SCAREY’) was established in 1982 in Tehran. Its main goal is to import the concept of the “Islamic Revolution” from Iran to Iraq. In other words, they believe that Iraq should be a theocracy led by Shi’a Mullahs. Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim, the deputy leader of SCIRI, is a part of the nine-member rotating presidency and will soon have a go at ruling Iraq.

The SCIRI would like to give the impression that they have the full support of all Shi’a Muslims in Iraq. The truth is that many Shi’a Muslims are terrified of them and of the consequences of having them as a ruling power. Al-Hakim was responsible for torturing and executing Iraqi POWs in Iran all through the Iran-Iraq war and after. Should SCIRI govern Iraq, I imagine the first step would be to open the borders with Iran and unite the two countries. Bush can then stop referring to the two countries as a part of his infamous ‘Axis of Evil’ and can just begin calling us the ‘Big Lump of Evil and Bad North Korea’ (which seems more in accord with his limited linguistic abilities).

Ever since entering Iraq, Al-Hakim has been blackmailing the CPA [the Coalition Provincial Authority] in Baghdad with his ‘major Shi’a following’. He entered Iraq escorted by ‘Jaysh Badir’ or ‘Badir’s Army’. This ‘army’ is composed of thousands of Iraqi extremists led by Iranian extremists and trained in Iran. All through the war, they were lurking on the border, waiting for a chance to slip inside. In Baghdad, and the south, they have been a source of terror and anxiety to Sunnis, Shi’a and Christians alike. They, and some of their followers, were responsible for a large portion of the looting and the burning (you’d think they were going to get reconstruction contracts…). They were also responsible for hundreds of religious and political abductions and assassinations.

Riverbend is here, and makes for some scary reading.

Posted at 6pm on 30/08/03 by Leon McDermott to the politics, web category.
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  1. Welcome back Len!

    Posted by Jack at 7pm on 30.08.03

  2. Cheers. Don’t know why I didn’t post for so long. Other than congenital laziness, that is.

    Posted by Leon McDermott at 7pm on 30.08.03

  3. There’s more: Baghdad Bloggers, comprising Salam Pax, Gee and Zainab… [via bbum’s rants]

    Posted by Jack at 12pm on 01.09.03

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    Posted by Shelley-mz at 7pm on 21.01.08

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