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New Phone. Good and Bad.

I just got a pretty new phone, with a camera on it and everything. This is fabulous. Less fabulous is the fact that my 1998-vintage SIM card didn’t survive an attempt to transfer my contacts to a new-fangled SIM card. In short: I’ve lost all my numbers.

Most of them are easily replaced, either via iSync or more laborious means. Some are not. I had some cool numbers in that phone. Like Kool DJ Herc’s cell, and David Mancuso’s home number. I was never going to phone them again, but there was something nice about scrolling past folk I genuinely admire on the way to the person I needed to call.

I would ask everyone I know to text me so I can store their number, but the SIM-frying episode also disabled my ability to use SMS. Which is marginally less annoying than the number-loss thing. Orange are - how you say? - fucking idiots.

Anyway, enough moaning. The new phone rocks several parties. Here are some photos taken with it:

Kelvinbridge tube station sign

That’s the sign in my local underground station, I spend a lot of time staring blankly at this while waiting for the little train to come.

Now for some technoporn. This is a photo of the Bluetooth thingy transferring the last photo from the phone onto the computer:

Oddly enough, I have McDonalds to thank for all this new technology. I went in the other day (yeah, I know, they pollute the earth, don’t allow their staff to unionise and serve food-shaped poison; I was really thirsty though) and bought a Sprite. Got handed a special straw. Which contained a voucher for £50. Which is exactly what it costs to upgrade a phone and buy a Bluetooth thingy. Good, eh?

Posted at 5pm on 01/08/03 by Jack Mottram to the technology category.
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  1. macdonalds? shame on you.
    sony ericsson caught my eye too, the clicker thing for itunes seemed quite novel too. but i found it to be a dog to use. the little clicky joystick was a pain (clicked when i tried to scroll etc) and the menus so illogical it took 5 steps to start writing a text message. lemme know if they’ve sorted this out cos they certainly look the biz.

    Posted by generalape at 6pm on 01.08.03

  2. now would you just look at that? it’s magnificent! I’m due a phone upgrade too apparently… I might copy you

    Posted by Donna at 7pm on 01.08.03

  3. I’m finding the joystick a little peculiar too… the fact that I still can’t send a text is so deeply annoying that I haven’t had a chance to get annoyed about anything else yet.

    Could you mail me your number generalape? Was wondering about the live music at the club thing…

    Posted by Jack at 1am on 02.08.03

  4. Oh. My. God. I just installed the Salling Clicker. Have been sat in the garden reading the papers, picking what to listen to next on iTunes from my phone. This is some badass Star Trek shit.

    Still can’t get the email to work, mind.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 2pm on 02.08.03

  5. so you lost ‘dj kool herc’s cell’… cell?? exsqueeze me, J-Mo, is we Americans now?

    later, dude.

    p.s. andy told me he thinks your new phone is, like, totally wack.

    Posted by trilby lane at 2pm on 04.08.03

  6. I like saying ‘cell’ when referring to American mobile phones. So, like, sue me.

    Andy told me your face, is, like, too lumpy

    Posted by J-Mo at 1pm on 06.08.03

  7. Behave children…

    Posted by Mark Godber at 12pm on 08.08.03

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