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Obligatory WWDC Post

You may have noticed that Apple made a few little announcements yesterday. The interesting bits, as far as I’m concerned:

Posted at 1pm on 24/06/03 by Jack Mottram to the mac category.
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  1. Funny that the default font is bigger. Safari 1.0(v85) now has nearly every page I visit with at least one portion where the font is so tiny I can’t read it. Never happened with the last beta and I never had to use the [‘a A’] button

    I went to the trackback link and couldn’t read it at all:-(

    Posted by Harvey Waxman at 3pm on 25.06.03

  2. that iChat AV is a bit freaky - the dismebodied muffled voice of jack on the other end!

    Posted by Dibo Swibo at 2am on 05.07.03

  3. I found something in Safari - a rather pointless autotab function in the bookmarks bar settings. Hmm, your point?

    Posted by Dibo Swibo at 1pm on 06.07.03

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