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The iTrip is a very neat looking FM transmitter that clips onto your iPod, so you can play songs on any radio. I think I want one.

Posted at 1am on 13/01/03 by Jack Mottram to the mac, radio category.
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  1. Can iTrip be used with the new ipods (15GB,30GB)?

    Posted by Roger at 1pm on 06.05.03

  2. the iTrip original will not work with the new iPod 10/15/30GB
    however, a new iTrip is being released by griffin technology ( on the 21st of july. hope that helps,

    Posted by Peter at 6am on 25.06.03

  3. i live in the uk. does anyone know how i can aquire one over here.

    Posted by CHRIS CARLILE at 9am on 13.08.03

  4. Chris - I think you might be too late: iTrip prohibited in U.K. by 1949 law.

    You could still get a Belkin equivalent though…

    Posted by J-Mo at 4pm on 13.08.03

  5. Chris - just order one from Griffin in the States. You’ll have to pay an import duty on it but they’ll send it anyway as it is not illegal to OWN one, just to use it. What a crappy piece of law as the useful radius is about 6 feet - hardly going to affect Radio 1, now is it?

    Posted by Jay at 4pm on 21.11.03

  6. You can legitimately buy a iTrip from We sell iTrips and other iPod accessories. There is no such thing as a UK iTrip because they should not be used here.

    Posted by Richard at 3pm on 04.03.04

  7. does the iTrip also work as a radio tuner for the iPod

    Posted by Phil at 3pm on 19.04.04

  8. Sadly not, Phil. Griffin were planning to bring out a tuner called iFM, but cancelled it.

    You could get one of Digisette’s FM-Xtra units, or something like it…

    Posted by Jack at 7pm on 21.04.04

  9. Hey you can buy them in the UK online at

    Got my itrip nano from there works a treat.

    Posted by James at 10am on 10.03.06

  10. There is now a new itrip nano for the 2nd gen ipod it can be seen here

    I got one on order not out yet but looks sweet I cant wait till it arrives.

    Posted by James at 2pm on 26.02.07

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