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Feltham Sings

You’d think a documentary musical would be a bad idea. It isn’t. Excepting the bit with the hippy from New Zealand.

Posted at 10pm on 17/12/02 by Jack Mottram to the art and culture category.
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  1. As a youth worker i thought that your production was brilliant - really effective.
    I wondered if it was available at all as a resource. Please could you let me know.

    With Thanks

    Posted by Sonya Hawes at 1pm on 10.02.03

  2. I watched Feltham Sings and thought it was great…the rap lyrics were excellent, a very political and expressive rap!!!! I would like to know if it is available on CD or DVD to buy? Please could you let me know, and if not - are there any plans to release it or repeat it in the near future? Thank you

    Posted by Tom Stack at 5pm on 14.04.03

  3. I would also be interested in buying a CD of Feltham Sings. Could you keep me posted if theirs a repeat on TV, Thanks, Thomas

    Posted by thomas at 6pm on 14.04.03

  4. I would also be interested in buying a CD of Feltham Sings. Could you keep me posted if theirs a repeat on TV, Thanks, Thomas

    Posted by thomas at 6pm on 14.04.03

  5. Hi I want to get the fetham sings on cd, doe any1 know where to get it.The lyrics are good especcially the guy on the 125 Gilera that sang that tune on road and the 1st song that goes like ain’t no pincic, holidat etc.

    Posted by Michael Lu at 5pm on 20.04.03

  6. Has anybody managed to find out where to get hold of a copy of Feltham Sings?

    Posted by Holly at 4pm on 28.04.03

  7. Holly (and everyone else) - I was a little puzzled as to why so many people ended up here looking for information on Feltham Sings, so had a good search around the interweb for more information and found… nothing. I’ve just emailed Channel 4 to see if they can help and will post any reply here.

    Posted by Jack at 6pm on 28.04.03

  8. Jack: Google displays its wayward tendencies once again; do a search for Feltham Sings, and for reasons best known to MT’s archive system, Submit Response comes out top.

    Posted by Leon at 8pm on 28.04.03

  9. Len - this one makes sense - there’s not much else out there (nothing on Channel 4’s site, for example, and the production company doesn’t seem to have a site.) The only problem is that Channel 4 warn that they can take ‘up to six weeks’ to reply to enquiries - d’you know a PR wonk we could pester?

    Posted by Jack at 10am on 29.04.03

  10. the concept was very original and worked a treat, most of the inmates had a really tight flow and sounded like professional MCs. All the lyrics were real despite being written by a famous poet but they were all sampled from interveiws with the kids. could you please contact me if it released on any format because i have looked all over the net for something but have found nothing.

    Posted by Hars Samrai at 5pm on 18.05.03

  11. Channel 4 just got back to me. Sorry folks, but they said:

    Unfortunately there are currently no plans for a release of either a Feltham Sings CD or DVD. We’re sorry to disappoint you on this occasion.

    Posted by Jack at 5pm on 18.05.03

  12. Hello thanks for your comments about Feltham Sings! The film won best documentary at the BAFTA’s last week. If u have any queries please feel free to contact us at century films.

    many thanks

    Katie Bailiff
    Century films

    Posted by katie bailif at 2pm on 19.05.03

  13. Thought the music and most of the “Rapping” was pretty cringeworthy really.

    Nice poetry (mostly) and interesting ideas however. A little less cheese a little more hard and real would have been good.

    What’s the deal with the P.T instructor?!!!

    Just my pennies worth ;)

    Posted by max at 12pm on 30.06.03

  14. yo I thought the programme was live the two blacks manz scarface and i forgot the other mans name,neways they were heavy! and the white boy, aint no picnic aint no holiday!

    Posted by Rochelle at 8pm on 16.07.03

  15. LOVE IT!!! absolutely wicked!! also like the rest of the people posting msg i would love it on cd and have looked and failed to find it!!! such a shame :(

    Posted by joanne at 4pm on 05.10.03

  16. if anyone has the lyrics to the songs on the program feltham signs then please can u send em to me plz.
    i also recorded it and will put it on my website soon if i can get the lyrics of all the songs on it

    Posted by chris at 10pm on 23.10.03

  17. If someone has the video - could the music not be recorded on to a .wav or .mp3 file and shared between us.

    Channel 4 need not know

    If someone out there can do this then please post a message.

    Posted by George at 4pm on 04.11.03

  18. Please could you let me know who the guy was that wrote the music for feltham sings.

    Posted by karen yusuf at 9pm on 08.12.03

  19. Hi Karen - the music was by Dextrous (aka Errol Francis). He’s part of Solid State, who had some okay stuff out on Peacefrog last year, I think.

    I love the way people keep happening on this post (it gets a lot of hits, as well as the occasional comment) - maybe Katie and Century Films should look into releasing the film on DVD - there’s obviously the demand if people are still searching for information on the programme a year later.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 9pm on 08.12.03

  20. What’s the progress with getting hold of a format of Feltham Sings, such as MP3, or Wav? Is there a website that we could download the music?

    Posted by Tom Stack at 12pm on 09.12.03

  21. i thought the programe was excellent, iam a junglist but the junglist tune was embarressing, but still iam searching for that video. I saw the 2on road” guy in croydon. ineed that programme.

    Posted by dean abel at 9am on 04.03.04

  22. i´m a spanish boy(23) and i want to know the same of Tom Stack, because i saw a documental in the TV and i think that the songs of feltham´s prisioner are really good,it´s a great oportunity for them and can be an example for the rest of humans that can realise their own dreams.please, tell me how to get their songs.I liked the reggae of Kenroy -the lawyer-, too.waiting an answer.MIKI

    Posted by Miquel Soler at 6pm on 14.03.04

  23. Miquel, like it says further up, Century/Channel 4 aren’t going to release it:

    Unfortunately there are currently no plans for a release of either a Feltham Sings CD or DVD. We’re sorry to disappoint you on this occasion.

    Posted by Jack at 8pm on 14.03.04

  24. Wow…. it’s so nice to see the comments that have been posted for ‘Feltham Sings’, and good to know that there is still demand for a DVD. It was something that was discussed with ‘Films of Record’ but the whole thing just seemed to fizzle out!

    As well as winning a BAFTA, I also won an Ivor Novello Award for Best Original Music, and the documentary was also nominated for 2 further awards. Yes, I am a member of Solid State but I think the actual ones mentioned above are another band as I have never recorded for the label ‘Peacefrog’.
    For any of your enquires please do not hesistate to contact me.
    Thanking you all for your comments.

    Posted by Dextrous at 1pm on 22.03.04

  25. Oops, sorry for the Peacefrog mix-up, Dextrous.

    I must say it’s nice to have you show up in the thread - for a 20 word post, this one refuses to die…

    Posted by Jack at 2pm on 23.03.04

  26. Anyone got a copy of Feltham Sing’s on DVD? The music+lyrics+video was stunning and I would dearly like to get hold of a copy.

    Congratulations to Simon Armitage, Dextrous and all the performers…

    Posted by SA at 11pm on 18.05.04

  27. please repeat Feltham Sings channel 4!! it was so good. even though it was about 2 yrs ago me n my girls still get so much joke when we talk about it. does any1 know how the performers are? are any of em out yet? “on road” needs 2 get released!!!

    Posted by Lou at 1pm on 09.11.04

  28. I really need to get a hold of this. Watched it when it was screened in 2002 and its still in the back of my mind. I loved the rapping in it. Surely someone outhere has a recording of it.
    Please please help.

    Posted by slippy at 1pm on 24.02.05

  29. I need to see Feltham sings as part of my research for a dissertation. It’s ridiculous that there’s no information about it on the net and no DVD/video. Somebody out there MUST have videoed it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by LJ at 2pm on 22.03.05

  30. Hi LJ - since it’s for your dissertation, I imagine Century Films would be glad to help you out. Try emailing Katie Bailiff, the producer, who commented above.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 7pm on 22.03.05

  31. I disagree with most of the comments on here. I don’t understand why offenders are given a voice while many youths under far greater pressure have no voice, and they dont thieve or damage others lives.

    The airtime should have been used for kids who cannot get the exposure yet tow the line under increasing social and financial pressures. Why are we rewarding criminals with exposure when we should reward the youths who face the challenge of gangs, drugs and criminality everyday but through their own courage do not buckle.

    I agree that these youths should have rehibilitation and a chance to express themselves but NOT at the expense of airtime which could be used more fairly to represent the many law-abiding struggling youths rather than glamourising criminals.

    Posted by Cj at 1pm on 13.12.05

  32. Did anyone see ‘SongBirds’? It was trying too hard to be another Feltham Sings! I liked the stories, pretty gripping, but the musical format just didn’t work. I thought the music was terrible compared to Feltham Sings. It just lacked any real feeling or depth, and didn’t keep my interest. Who did the music for this, it couldn’t be the same person who did Feltham sings? Gripping stories but could have been put to better music and lyrics. Sorry Century but I can’t see that one winning any awards!

    Posted by LM at 8pm on 20.12.05

  33. It’s great to see that Feltham is still being talked about on this site!You can purchase copy of the DVD from Century Films. Contact us via the website The follow up Songbirds has been selected for competition at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. Katie Bailiff Producer

    Posted by katie bailiff at 10pm on 27.12.05

  34. Yes I agree with LM. I watched songbirds and have also seen Feltham sings. I thought that feltham sings was a masterpiece as it kept your interests with th stories and the great music, as well as some great performances by the inmates. Though Songbirds was great for the stories, the music was laughable in some parts and it just didn’t have that vibe of Feltham sings. why did they not use the same composer as it was a winning formula, as they have used the same poet?

    I would love to see Feltham Sings again. Any chance that it will be on More4? Or will the DVD be released?

    Posted by Max Sargent at 2am on 07.01.06

  35. I saw Feltham Sings the other day as part of research for an essay. I thought the program was well made and the lyrics summed up the experiences of the young people (i’m amazed at how open they were). I’m also amazed at how relaxed the young people were about being in an offenders institute and the lack of remorse felt by many of them for the crimes they committed - where is the rehabilitation? The programme made Feltham look too easy…like a school journey with your ‘bredrin’. It’s a crying shame that many of our youngsters only strive for instant money and would do this by any means necessary. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR YOUNG?

    Posted by Mishel at 11am on 12.03.06

  36. i was in feltham when filming, i have a copy and am willing to send it

    Posted by mark ellis at 12am on 07.04.06

  37. ps, thought id just mention to mishel that prison is no picnic, so dont be fooled by what you see on tv, trust me its a hard thing to go through whatever your background or how tough you are.

    Posted by mark ellis at 12am on 07.04.06

  38. Did you know that the currently hottest reggae singer who’s worked with the famous Sly n Robbie, Nick Manasseh, and future cut has free music you can download at ?go get it.

    Posted by avaleigh at 2pm on 30.11.07

  39. feltham on dvd yet??? anyone?? email me

    Posted by johny at 12pm on 12.12.07

  40. 2009, and still no sign of a DVD release! I caught this on SBS here in Australia a couple of years back, and am still keen to get hold of either a DVD of the show itself, or a CD of the songs. It’s criminal that a show of this calibre is deliberately made so difficult to find!

    Posted by Damien at 12am on 21.12.09

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