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iBible is a groovy little toy, consisting of, well, the Bible plus lexical support to define and explain Greek and Hebrew original texts. Undeniably useful (alluding to Bible passages in visual art reviews is my thing at the moment, for some reason) but there is no way I’m paying 15USD to someone who hosts their software at, with creationist shite denying the fossil record sploshed all over his pages. Still, I have 30 days of use before I have to hunt down a serial. You’d think that the free trial would last forty days and forty nights, wouldn’t you?

Posted at 4pm on 06/12/02 by Jack Mottram to the mac category.
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  1. Well, I’m the author of iBible, and my site does throw up all the fossil record crap, but my disclaimer says I no longer believe most of it.
    In any case, you don’t have to pay $15; I’ll be glad to give you a code for free. Just e-mail me and I’ll send you one.

    Posted by Leif Wright at 4am on 11.02.03

  2. Can anyone help me, I would like to contact Lief Wright the producer of iBible. When I click is site I get directed to a page that tells me the link is broken. When I click the registration box on iBible I get the same response.
    So does anyone have an email address for Leif Wright.


    Posted by Steve Harrison at 7am on 07.07.06

  3. I know this is an old post.

    I have a registration code for iBible 2.6. I am not offering it to circumvent Leif’s registration process. I am offering it since it no longer exists. Contact me if you’re still interested in the program.


    haans :)

    Posted by haans at 6pm on 06.11.07

  4. Dear Haans,

    I would like the registration code to this program. Kindly, e-mail it to me when you find the time. Thank you very much.

    Posted by John Triplett at 12am on 08.02.08

  5. Anyone who wants a code can email me at

    Posted by Leif at 7pm on 20.03.08

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