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Renewing, Rebuilding, Remembering

The Lighthouse is to host the European premiere of Renewing, Rebuilding, Remembering, curated by the Van Alen Institute

“Renewing, Rebuilding, Remembering combines photographs, models and renderings that illustrate diverse responses to traumatic events, each of which have had dramatic impact on urban life. The focus of the exhibition, however, is not damage and devastation, but reconstruction - success stories where urban spaces have been revived and monuments to tragedy integrated as living memorials within regenerated spaces. Cities represented in the exhibition include: Beirut, Berlin, Kobe, Manchester, Oklahoma City, San Francisco and Sarajevo.”

Despite the rather happy-clappy tone of the press release, this should be rather good.

Posted at 1pm on 28/11/02 by Jack Mottram to the architecture, art and culture category.
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