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Merry Christmas

merry christmas and a premature happy new years to all eyes reading! i found a rather helpful site, if you are keen on web developing and all related topics you can ask a question on their forums, which are, i hasten to add, rather well designed in their frills. (they do all the hard work for you as regards including links etc). and if you want to know how anything under the sun works, you could type in your question at how stuff works and be handed a feast of answers. if you have uncontrollable urges for lurkers to lurk on your own site, submit your url at very simple to multiple search engines in one foul swoop. i was sadly excited when i read in creative review that there exists a handy site which can hunt down the services you require (ahem) when you have a most innovative and wondrous a concept/idea which needs to be produced. i havent sampled its seductive charms as of yet mind. (yes, i do lead a strange life to be seduced by such virtual services) i am presently trying to hunt down feasible dancing activities for nye with a couple of pals here in london, and came across this horrific and amusing website in my searching. the article that that takes you to is a prime example of what an ignorant stylefucker is. notting hill…..groan…..and i found fellow stationery fetishists!

i found this blog by sheer accident, and i recommend turning yer monitor’s lights on, it’s pretty hard to see in there. (did she pay money to allow people to read her thoughts? hmm…domain name and all)

er, have a lovely night and one day i might find something of interest…

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