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just a quick one: i just had a peep at the stats for this place, and people almost exclusively come here on fridays. why is this? is a quick dose of submit/respond what the kids need before a weekend revel? or does the blog help you wipe away the grime of the working week? do tell.

it looks like there’s room on the interweb for another dirty sex forum: mingo-go’s palace of lust has really taken off, to the extent that one lucky punter has investigated the joys of strap-on sex after mingo-go’s constant references to the sordid practice of girl-on-boy buggery!

also, thanks to everyone who came down to the nightclub on friday. i had a great time, hope you all did too.

finally… i really want martin creed to win the turner prize this year. doubt he will, though, if i was a betting man i think i’d stick a couple of quid on richard billingham.

Posted at 2pm on 09/12/01 by Jack Mottram to the misc. category.
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