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World AIDS Day 2001

it’s World AIDS Day today, so wear your red ribbon.

Chances are that everyone reading this uses some sort of file sharing software, or roots around the internet for free stuff. watch out, these chaps got arrested for it. some of you might even have a screensaver from (if you’re a geek) or (if you’re a stupid hippie) that, in a lovely sharing way, uses your computer to help solve a problem. watch out, this bloke got arrested for it. at least dimitri skylarov is now out on bail…

all this calls to mind the fact that mean old major record labels, who have been ripping off all our favourite bands for years have now decided to stop us sharing music, or even listening to it on anything other than a cd-player. don’t know why they’re bothering, as home taping killed music in the 1980s, and no one has been to the cinema since vhs beat betamax… more information here.

phew, that’s enough interweb paranoia and loathing of nasty capitalism. for light relief, try rethinking the way the whole world works or learn how to correctly express your views when hanging out with |-|4x0rz in an effort to find the kind of wArEz that, these days, get you banged up by the fEdZ.

and finally, SH will drool over this lot for sure:,,,

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