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The Flowers

As part of the ongoing submit / respond ‘friends across the ocean’ programme we seem to be running with dr. funk’s just joshin’ blog, here’s some info on the flowers i got from my old flatmate (with old being the operative word - hence how he knew) phil, the guy in question has seen just about every band i was too young to have seen (including tg several times) and while his memory ain’t what it used to be, here’s what he recalls.

i saw them once - they were crap on vinyl but great live despite only having a few songs. all i can remember is a couple of demo songs on a 12” ep comp from 1980 or so. they were lucky to get any records out at all but cath the singer was bob last’s (who owned fast) pa and was probably shagging him. they were basically a support band to whoever was playing in edinburgh at the time - i saw them with joy division and they split shortly after. no idea what happened to any of them.

so there you have it. probably as much as i’ll ever glean. hopefully the doctor will lurk along and see this. later.

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